Educating the Public

Boaters’ Guide – Wrote and published its first anti-pollution pamphlets for boaters in 1989, recently updated and now available online (Click on Boaters’ Guide or see For Your Information) as well as at various harbor locations.

Island Blue Book – In 2005, TWI assists the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group and others to create The Island Blue Book, an indispensable guide for bettering water quality. It has been distributed to every island homeowner, library, government office and school and has a Portuguese edition. Available online. Click on Island Blue Book.

Owen Park Demonstration Garden – TWI creates a teaching garden for environmentally sound gardening choices and practices in 2003. It includes native species and drought-tolerant options which can thrive by the water’s edge.

Informative Signage – In 1990, TWI began installing waterfront signs on Lake Tashmoo and at the Lagoon Pond Bridge stating speed limit and other pertinent boating information. Six years later, TWI funded an additional sign in the harbor (posted at R.M. Packer Co.) citing wake and sealed-head requirements.

Sponsoring and Aiding Students – For several years, TWI has sponsored the top prizes at the Martha‚Äôs Vineyard Regional High School’s Science Fair. Thanks to the support of the Edey Foundation, we have also sponsored field trips for Vineyard students and teachers. TWI has also sponsored teacher “Fun with Sciences” workshops, helped establish a water testing lab at the high school and granted $1,500 to a new aquaculture program in 1998.

At Annual Vineyard Events – TWI has traditionally anchored booths at The Tisbury Street Fair and The Agricultural Fair, providing educational information and the latest news on our on-going projects and goals.