Lake Tashmoo
Vineyard Haven Harbor


Welcome Friends of Clean Marine Waters

Whether you’ve stumbled upon us or stopped by intentionally, we are pleased to share our work to improve and preserve marine water quality in the Town of Tisbury with you.

Tisbury Waterways Inc. is a grassroots citizen’s non-profit group that advocates locally for initiatives to improve and maintain the quality of water in Tisbury’s two estuaries, the Lagoon Pond and Lake Tashmoo, and our main Vineyard Haven Harbor.

Since our founding in 1988, we’ve conducted water testing during rain events. The results have inspired us to fund research, dredging projects, stormwater projects, pump-out boats and informative demonstration gardens for example. Our goal is to provide seed money and momentum to get mitigation projects off the ground and running.

We invite you to tour our up-dated site, investigate our projects, send us feedback and suggestions and join our cause. The people who use and appreciate these wonderful natural resources are the best partners our organization can have. We hope to hear from you.

The TWI Board of Directors

Melinda Loberg, President

Robert Culbert, Vice President

Ray Lincoln, Treasurer/Membership

Jean Lewellyn, Secretary/Clerk

Gerard Hokanson, Newsletter Editor

Carole Abrahams

Ann Fay Lawton

Gus Lewis

Beverly Potsaid

Henry Stephenson

Lorraine Wells

Robert Landreth, Tashmoo Liaison