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“We are never far from the water here. A bend in the road discloses a shimmering sheet of lagoon or pond, and the crest of a hill reveals the magnificent ocean, asparkle with what the Wampanoag so poetically describe as Moshup’s scattered mica shards. What small things we can do to have a huge role in protecting all this: give up unnecessary lawn fertilizers that choke delicate eel grass in overbloom of algae, pump our septics, conserve household water. So little, to keep so much, for us and for the future. – G Brooks”

Cape Cod without Oysters and lobsters?

BOSTON — Imagine the Cape with no lobster huts, clam shacks or scallop rolls.
Want a seaside meal? Think jellyfish, the ultimate survivor in a sea that, by the year 2050, will more closely resemble the pre-Cambrian acidic stew at the dawn of time.
Experts at a symposium on climate change testified yesterday to a number of scenarios that could strike Massachusetts as oceans rise and warm, but one stood out […] Read Article >

February 2009 by Doug Fraser

TWI talking about solutions at annual meeting

At a public meeting tomorrow night at the Tisbury Senior Center, Tisbury Waterways Inc. (TWI) will tackle a sticky problem: what can be done when serious hardship is caused by several species of waterfowl, including a protected species of wildlife? Feces from burgeoning population of migratory and non-migratory (resident) Canada geese is fouling beaches, golf courses, yards, and farm fields, but more important, it is also contaminating shellfish beds with coliform bacteria, forcing the closure of some ponds and reducing or eliminating the harvest for both family and commercial fishermen. […]Read Article >

September 10, 2009 by Dan Cabot
MV Times